Class 29 Health Care Day

Feb 26, 2013

See pictures from the day here

On Health Care Day, Class 29 looked in depth at the question, “WHO is accountable for health and wellness?”  The hardworking committee was led by Karen Talbott ’90. 

After an overview of current health care trends from Dr. Tere Koenig ’03, the class explored end-of-life choices at the Hospice Care Center and had a chance to tour the ABIA before looking in depth at all the entities who share responsibility for our community’s health and wellness:  individuals, employers, healthcare providers, leaders of our healthcare institutions, and community leaders. 

The class was thrilled to have the opportunity to discuss the current state of health care with the President/CEOs of all three of our local health systems:  Dr. Tim Stover (Akron General Health System), Bill Considine (Akron Children’s Hospital) and Tom Strauss ’01 (Summa Health System).  Class members took full advantage of the chance.  One of the great questions was:  “How can you state that the U. S. has the best health care in the world when that flies in the face of everything we’ve heard for the last several years that the U. S. healthcare systems is just in the middle of the pack?”  The CEOs made the case that the overall average is pulled down by the fact that many of our citizens are not covered by health insurance and do not receive basic care; however, for urgent care, i.e., if you were to have a heart attack, there is not a better place than the U. S. to get the care you need.

Finally, the was challenged to find ways to support existing efforts to improve our overall community health when Dr. Janine Janosky (ABIA), Dr. Demond Scott (Summa Center at New Seasons/Center for Health Equity) and  Anne Bitong ’02 (Akron Marathon).

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