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Hear bonus features from our Leadership on Main monthly
breakfast series. 
New bonus features released each month!


Ep. 1: LOM Bonus Feature with Howard Parr

Howard Parr
Executive Director
Akron Civic Theatre

At December's Leadership on Main, Howard Parr spoke about the Akron Civic Theatre and how he uses their platform to build community. In this bonus feature, Howard Parr addresses questions about the emphasis on locally sourced groups and productions, the evolution of Parr's leadership style, upcoming Civic projects, and challenges facing the Civic today. Parr also addresses a compelling question explored by Class 34 on their Arts & Culture Day: Why do the arts matter?

Don't miss this bonus feature with Howard Parr!

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Ep. 2: LOM Bonus Feature with Philip Maynard

Phil Maynard
Chairman and CEO
ASW Properties, Ltd.

January's Leadership on Main featured Phil Maynard of ASW Properties. Maynard intentionally leads for the sake of the Akron community, with a genuine, authentic leadership style. In this bonus feature, Maynard catches up with Mark Scheffler about future endeavors for 2018, the economic growth and development of Akron over the years, the untraditional career path Maynard took, his mentorship, and his role with Leadership Akron: NEXT. 

Don't miss this bonus feature with Phil Maynard!

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Ep. 3: LOM Bonus Feature with Cliff Deveny, MD

Clifford Deveny, MD
Interim President and CEO
Summa Health

February’s Leadership on Main featured Cliff Deveny, MD of Summa Health. In this bonus feature, Dr. Deveny reflects with Mark Scheffler on this past year, and the year ahead. Dr. Deveny’s leadership focuses on building hope and a culture of community engagement, but the number one priority is calming the environment to help the community develop confidence with Summa Health as an organization. Dr. Deveny reflects on Summa’s greatest asset—the employees—and programs put in place like the Summa CLI in collaboration with Leadership Akron. With Dr. Deveny’s leadership, Summa Health is better positioned to serve the Akron community today.

Don't miss this bonus feature with Cliff Deveny, MD!

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Ep. 4: LOM Bonus Feature with David Jennings

David Jennings
(Ret.) Director
Akron-Summit County Public Library

March’s Leadership on Main featured David Jennings, retired Director of the Akron-Summit County Public Library. In our LOM Bonus Feature Jennings reflects on the value he places on serving the community, both is his work for ASCPL and on many of Akron’s boards. Jennings chats with Wendy Bolas, Interim President of Leadership Akron, about his motivation to be an active participant in the community, the best leadership advice he’s received, and the outcomes of the Civic Solutions Lab.

Don't miss this bonus feature with David Jennings!

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Ep. 5: LOM Bonus Feature with Charles Johnston

Charles Johnston
Supervisory Senior Resident Agent
FBI Akron Office

April's Leadership on Main featured Charles Johnston, the Senior Supervisory Resident Agent at the Akron office of the FBI. Johnston's journey as a leader began with his work in corrections. From there he moved on to become an assistant prosecutor, before beginning his career with the FBI. In our LOM Bonus Feature Johnson sits down with Justin Hilton to answer a few additional questions. Among other things, the two chat about the critical nature of trust, what drew Johnson back to Akron, and how to hold on to hope in the midst of crisis. For Johnson everything circles back to the intrinsic value of investing in the people around you and his style of leading where you are. 

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Ep. 6: LOM Bonus Feature with John Petures, Jr. 

John Petures, Jr.
President and CEO
Akron Community Foundation

May’s Leadership on Main featured John Petures, Jr., President and CEO of Akron Community Foundation. Listen in as Jody Miller Konstand sits down with Petures to reflect on his path to stewardship in the Greater Akron community. This dedication to thoughtful stewardship permeates the fabric of Petures’ leadership style. Hear about the unique aspects of the Akron Community Foundation, the employees that make it all come together, and why Petures’ work means so much to him. 

Don’t miss this bonus feature with John Petures, Jr.!

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Ep. 7: LOM Bonus Feature with Kemp Boyd

Kemp Boyd
Director, Vassel Comprehensive Care Center
Pastoral Counseling Service of Summit County

Head Football Coach, Kenmore-Garfield High School

June's Leadership on Main featured Kemp Boyd, Director of the Vassle Comprehensive Care Center of Pastoral Counseling of Summit County and Head Football Coach of Kenmore-Garfield High School. Tune in to the Leadership on Main Bonus Feature podcast as Kemp Boyd sits down with Leadership Akron's Interim President Wendy Bolas, to reflect on his experience with Leadership Akron, the importance of diversity and inclusion efforts, having the right voices at the table, and his work as head football coach of Kenmore-Garfield High School.

Don't miss this bonus feature with Kemp Boyd!

Read Kemp's bio here

Ep. 8: LOM Bonus Feature with Chief Clarence Tucker

Clarence Tucker
The City of Akron Fire Department

August's Leadership on Main featured Chief Clarence Tucker of the City of Akron Fire Department. Chief Tucker sits down with Wendy Bolas, Leadership Akron's Interim President, as they chat about shifts within the fire department to meet the changing needs of the community, the benefits of being intentional in developing an inclusive and collaborative culture, and how the Leadership Akron program offers fresh perspectives to even those deeply embedded in the community

Don't miss this bonus feature with Chief Clarence Tucker!


Ep. 9: LOM Bonus Feature with Doug Piekarz

Doug Piekarz
President & CEO
Akron Zoo

September’s Leadership on Main featured Doug Piekarz, President & CEO of the Akron Zoo. In this episode, Doug sits down with Stephanie York of Hennes Communications, as they explore Doug’s passion for inspiring lifelong learning and nature conservation. Doug takes us on an adventure through his life that began in the concrete jungle of New York City, to his grandfather’s cabin in the Catskill Mountains, finally landing in Akron, Ohio, where he’s spent the last 20 years at the Akron Zoo. Stephanie and Doug discuss the zoo’s ever-increasing attendance record, the zoo’s recognition as the second zoo in the nation to become certified by Kulture City as a sensory inclusive zoo, and the assets that make the Akron Zoo so unique. 

Don’t miss this Bonus Feature with Doug Piekarz!

Read Doug's bio here!

Episode 10: LOM Bonus Feature with Patrick Bravo

Patrick Bravo
Executive Director, Summit County Land Bank
President, Akron Public School Board

October’s Leadership on Main featured Patrick Bravo, Executive Director of Summit County Land Bank and President of the Akron Public School Board. In this episode, Patrick sits down with Wendy Bolas to discuss the challenges and successes of Akron Public Schools. Patrick shares his appreciation for the staff and students of the school district, and emphasizes the importance of team building and meeting others where they are. Patrick highlights United Way of Summit County’s iC.A.R.E. mentoring program, which links students with a caring, consistent role model that might not otherwise come into their life. In addition to his role with APS, Patrick has contributed to sustainable change in our community through his role with the Summit County Land Bank. "When it comes to collaboration and sustainable change, it's not enough to just talk about it, you gotta be about it," Patrick said. Collaboration has been key for Patrick in the many hats he's worn within the Akron community.

Don't miss the bonus feature with Patrick Bravo!

Read Patrick's bio here!

Episode 11: LOM Bonus Feature with Eric Nelson

Eric Nelson
Executive Director
Students With A Goal (SWAG)

November’s Leadership on Main featured Eric Nelson, Executive Director of Students With A Goal (SWAG). In this episode, Eric sits down with Wendy Bolas to share his passion for youth development in the Akron community. He expresses the importance of lessons he’s learned through his faith, and overcoming life’s challenges with hard work and perseverance. Eric is thankful for the care and mentorship he has received and leverages what he’s learned from his mentors to create an environment where students can learn, grow, and thrive in the face of adversity. Eric urges anyone who is interested in getting involved with SWAG to visit their website at www.studentswithagoal.comto learn more and become a part of the living, learning, and loving process that he has nurtured in SWAG.

Don't miss this bonus feature with Eric Nelson!

Read Eric's bio here!


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