Leadership Akron: NEXT

What is NEXT?

Leadership Akron NEXT is a two-month program designed for senior leaders to examine community needs, personal strengths, and individual involvement in the community. As with the Signature Program, the program seeks participants with the caliber to take on significant community leadership roles. NEXT participants connect with other community-minded senior leaders; engage with key community drivers; and develop their roadmap for participation in the community.

When Does the Program Run?

The program runs on Tuesdays for two months in the fall.

Who Participates?

Participants may fit several different profiles, including the following:

  • Leadership Akron graduates of retirement age who participated in the Signature Program and would find it valuable to have a “refresher” on the community
  • Executives who never had the “calendar space” to participate in Leadership Akron, and may also not have taken on significant community leadership roles, but who have strong leadership capabilities to offer the community and will have more time and interest in doing so after retirement.
  • Community leaders at or near retirement age who have taken on community leadership roles, but who may be terming off a number of community boards and are ready to reinvigorate their next chapter of community leadership.
  • Retired executives who are candidates for community involvement and leadership, but who have not been highly involved in the community as retirees.

Upcoming NEXT Classes

NEXT Class 8 graduated on November 13. Look for this group of engaged individuals to make a huge impact on our community!

We will begin the process of selecting NEXT Class 9 early in 2019. If you have an interest or would like to recommend someone, please e-mail us.  Thanks!



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