Civic Solutions Lab

We are proud to launch a new leadership experience in which leaders from across sectors will tackle a community challenge through a lens of new ideas and strategies.

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The Civic Solutions Lab, an experience similar in scale to our Signature Program, combines growth and development for change leaders with the opportunity to make a difference on an issue crucial to our community's future. 

With seed funding from the Knight Foundation, the Civic Solutions Lab will focus on early childhood education in its pilot year. The statistics tell the story of why this is a critical issue for the Akron area: 

  • One in three children in Summit County are not on track for success when they begin kindergarten.
  • Nearly 2,000 children in Summit County begin kindergarten every year with no preschool experience.
  • Children who start out behind in school often never catch up.

Participants in the Civic Solutions Lab may include Leadership Akron graduates, leaders from the broader community, and stakeholders from organizations involved on the early childhood landscape. Leaders will apply change management models as well as their own knowledge and skills, exploring strategies to enhance access and participation in quality early childhood education. 

Program days will include using leadership skills to:

  • Research the landscape of early childhood education both locally and nationally;
  • Benchmark other cities, identify possible strategies and evaluate their viability locally;
  • Identify change initiatives, apply theories of change;
  • Develop recommendations and work with local partners to advance recommendations.

Program days will be on Thursdays, except for the January retreat which will be two days. 

January 12-13, 2017 July 13
February 9 August 10
March 9 September 14
April 13 October 12
May 11 Tuesday, November 14 - Graduation
June 8  

Through a grant from the Knight Foundation, Civic Solutions Lab will serve 18-24 participants in its pilot phase in 2017. The application period has ended. An outreach committee of Leadership Akron graduates and partners in the field of early childhood education will choose the charter class. 

Cost: As a valuable experience in community problem-solving and leadership development, we expect the tuition of the Civic Solutions Lab to approach that of our Signature Program ($3,500). But this year, thanks to seed funding from the Knight Foundation and the recognition that this is a pilot program, the inaugural class tuition for Civic Solutions Lab is just $1500.

Download the brochure

The application period for the 2017 Civic Solutions Lab class has closed. 

For more information: Email Heather Flohr, or call 330.436.5291



Civic Solutions Lab
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