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The Summa Community Leadership Institute explores various levels of leadership, emphasizing the principles and practices of leadership that cultivate people, organizations, and communities to flourish.

Progressive levels of leadership explored through the Summa CLI:

  • Core Strength
  • Relationships/Teams
  • Organizational Effectiveness
  • Thriving Partnerships
  • Advocacy/Influence for a Healthier Akron

The Summa CLI is a benefit of ERG (a Summa Leadership Priority) members: 1. A+PLUs (Allies and People Like Us); 2. DRIVE (Developing and Retaining Individuals with Vision and Energy); 3. Excel (Excellence in Cultural Engagement & Leadership); 4. Veterans (connecting military veterans and active National Guard and Reserve members with other employees who support US Armed Forces). LA’s Summa CLI is a cross-cutting opportunity for ERG participants. Objectives include:

  • Develop participants’ understanding of the aspects of leadership that foster health and vitality for individuals, relationships, teams, organizations, partnerships, and communities.
  • Expose participants to multiple spheres of the community through high-performing organizations that model the way.
  • Create interaction and exposure among Summa CLI participants and individuals in senior leadership roles at Summa Health.
  • Forge supportive relationships among colleagues who will draw upon one another’s strengths to serve community and transfer their learning into their practice of leadership within Summa.

Community Leadership Institute Topics

  • Strengthening the Core—It Begins With You: Participants explore what it means to be a good leader, how Summa fits in with the community, and servant leadership. Participants then spent the next day diving into themselves, identifying their strengths with StrengthsFinder and group activities utilizing their strengths in a role play.
  • Healthy Relationships: Participants explored developing as a team, what company culture means, appreciative inquiry, emotional intelligence, and mapping relationships with the YMCA as well as hands-on activities with Rocky.
  • Vital Signs of Health Organizations and Effective Projects: The Summa CLI participants explored elements of Results-oriented leadership and SMART goals with Bob Titus of Open M. 
  • Developing Thriving Partnerships: This day was focused on various ways that organizations and companies utilize partnerships to collaborate and share their vision/goals. Topics that were covered included talks on, “Eliminating Health Disparities in Akron through the Thriving Partnerships Lens” with Tamiyka Rose, Mustard Seed, “Collaborative Leadership Through Thriving Partnerships” with Jon Fiume, and a panel, “You Can't Go It Alone; Effective Community Partnerships” with Tammy Jensen, Michael Cohen, Katerina Papas, Denny Wilson, and Kara Wilson.
  • Exercising Advocacy and Influence: This day included conversations on Coalition Building & Influence with Laura DiCola and Kendra Williams as well as a discussion on Exercising Advocacy in Healthcare & Government with Executive Ilene Shapiro, and concluded with a presentation by Mark Scheffler on Collaborative Leadership.


How do I complete the application?  We utilize an online application system called draftonce. You may access the application here, or follow the link below. Please read through the instructions below on how to complete your application through draftonce:

1.      You will be prompted to create your own online account so that you can complete the application in part and come back at a later time to complete and submit the application. 

2.      When you begin your application, be sure to select the Summa Health Community Leadership Institute application from the New tab.

3.      Using any of the navigation keys (Next, Finish, Back) will automatically save your application. Once you have started an application, you will be able to access it under the In-Progress tab. After you have "finished" an application, you will still be able to access it under the Completed tab; you do not need to do anything further to submit your application.

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