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Torchbearers is a young professionals group for emerging leaders that was founded to strengthen the connection between Akron area non-profits and local young professionals. The organization exists as a bridge connecting senior established leadership to the community leaders of the future and helps to further efforts to attract and retain young people to Greater Akron.

In 2009, Leadership Akron and Torchbearers signed an agreement to work more closely together. The collaboration anticipated cooperating on programming, fund development, communications, and more. Recently, the agreement was renewed indefinitely, based on a past working relationship that created many win-wins.

Below are a few examples of how Leadership Akron and Torchbearers are collaborating to foster leadership across generations:

  • Leadership Akron teamed with Torchbearers to revamp their TB Leadership and Development curriculum, the educational experience required for new members of Torchbearers. Leadership Akron alumni are involved as presenters of TB Leadership and Development content.
  • Members of Torchbearers are attending select Leadership Akron alumni events, and Torchbearers is co-developing several joint events with Leadership Akron, like the LeaderSource Live event, Shift Akron.
  • Over a dozen young leaders are participating as observers for a year onto boards of local nonprofits through the Board Shadowing program, a joint effort of Leadership Akron and Torchbearers.

As participants in both organizations continue working together, trust and confidence continue to grow among both organizations. Stay tuned as we identify new ways to create positive opportunities for Leadership Akron, Torchbearers – and most importantly – for our Akron community.

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